Choosing hair extensions can be difficult and frustrating. With all the different types of hair extensions it can become a task just choosing the right one. With the time and expense involved in having them applied it is very important that you choose wisely. Gemini Hair understands the importance of using high quality hair that will last. All of our hair is of the highest quality and 100% human. Our virgin hair has all cuticles intact and unidirectional to prevent tangling and insuring manageability. Gemini Hair will give you confidence with your new beautiful hair extensions. Our hair is perfect for giving your sew-in weave that perfect look.
Genuine Brazilian hair is always collected as an original ponytail. Meaning, the hair is grown from one person, pulled back in a ponytail (if the donor hair is thick, it is pulled into smaller ponytails then bundled in one) and then it is cut. Brazilian hair is not sorted in unsanitary factories and in mass quantity where cuticle inversion is likely to occur. It is also not subjected to chemical baths or delousing because raw Brazilian hair is exceptionally clean from the start.

Brazilian hair has a variety of textures, hair diameter, softness, luster and movement. Any vendor claiming Peruvian hair is any one thing is incorrect. Because of the varying ethnicity in South America, we import hair that is coarse and curly and also smooth, silky and higher luster than Russian European hair. Curls in long lengths: Generally, the longer the hair the looser the hair. It is rare to have long lengths with big bouncy curls with spiral ends. As the hair grows, the weight increases and the hair pulls and relaxes under its own weight. If you're looking for very curly hair that will air dry to a length of 20", this hair would actually have to be grown much longer, sometimes between 28"-30." It's not common for Brazilian women to cut hair they've grown so long

Because this is virgin hair, it can be lifted, bleached, dyed, colored with semi or permanent color, you can use henna...anything you can do with your own hair, you can do with virgin hair. If, however, you do not have the experience to successfully manipulate hair color or texture, take it to a professional. If you begin manipulating the hair and you're not absolutely sure how it will turn out - you should not proceed. Virgin hair can damage just as easily as your own so proceed at your own risk or choose your hair professional wisely before handing over your investment.
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